Storage Recovery

Pueblo Reservoir opened in 1975, and has been a wonderful amenity for all of Southeastern Colorado. Not only is it the terminal storage for Fryingpan-Arkansas Project water, but it provides a quality recreation experience for boaters from all over the country. Like any reservoir, it is prone to sedimentation.

Bathymetric surveys by the Bureau of Reclamation show that Pueblo Reservoir had lost 20,000 acre-feet of storage by 2012, or about 7 percent of the total. The losses affect long-term storage, seasonal operations, and even recreation. Other project reservoirs are also affected.

In October of 2019, then Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District Board of Directors launched a Recovery of Storage program to look at ways to not only regain 20,000 acre-feet of lost space, but to potentially anticipate ways to recover storage that will continue to be lost as the Project matures.


Please check back for progress reports.


For more information, contact:

Chris Woodka 
Senior Policy and Issues Manager 
31717 United Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81001