Finance Strategy and Sustainability Study: About the Study

The Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District has launching a Financial Strategy and Sustainability Study to be completed in late 2019. This study that will help to assure the future of the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project (Fry-Ark Project), as well and District and Enterprise Projects and Programs. 

The Fry-Ark Project was approved by Congress in 1962, and the Arkansas River basin has enjoyed its benefits to cities, agriculture and recreation ever since. The project provides flood control, stable flows for aquatic wildlife along with supplemental water for homes and fields. As the Project has aged, however, the need to preserve its features has become more apparent. Over the past three years, the Southeastern Board of Directors have carefully deliberated how to adequately fund the Project, as well as the activities that support the Project.

The purpose of the Study is to develop several financial tools which will help the District adjust to change in an efficient way that has the least impact on District customers or program participants. The major elements of the study include:

  1. A financial plan
  2. Analysis of policies
  3. Capital Improvement and Capital Project Plan
  4. Revenue requirement analysis
  5. Cost of service analysis
  6. Rate design analysis